yx movement

"Since we have such a hope, we are very bold" -

2 Corinthians 3:12


Founders Open Letter to Churches:

The desire to bring church youth groups together was birthed our of a burning question my oldest daughter once asked me: Dad are there other Christian youth outside of the ones I see in our church?  Her question stirred a burning desire to help her see how many Christian youth actually go to her school, live in her neighborhood and/or are friends with her– but that perhaps non dare to live boldly in their faith.  As a result, my wife and I started our quest with a simple invitations to neighboring churches to join our annual youth retreats for an opportunity to collaborate and share resources.  From one church responding to the invitation—today, 5 years after, it has grown to hosting youth services and events every other month, and an annual retreat represented by over  12 churches and many more supporting churches from the Greater Hartford area.

Our hope is for younger generations to live boldly, seek unity, and stand together for the Kingdom of God. 

Come-be part of the movement!

Karla & Joel Cruz Jr., Founders